Sustainable, high-quality coffee begins with growers who aim to maintain the ecosystems and biodiversity of their plantations. Responsible coffee production and careful purchasing policies create development opportunities for local societies. Awareness is a key word for TB Brown. Awareness of the place of origin of the beans and, especially, the challenges we face in the environment and in society. TB Brown aims for sustainable development in the coffee industry, to ensure that future generations have at least the same opportunities that we do. TB Brown is no world-changer, but our awareness allows us to make an effective contribution to the living and working conditions of coffee growers, and that’s a start.


Sustainable coffee has obtained a prominent position in our range over the last few years. TB Brown works with organizations such as Max Havelaar, UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance to safeguard the guidelines for fair trade. These initiatives are committed to fair trade, improving the quality of life of coffee growers and protecting the environment. Depending on your support for a particular initiative, your coffee will be purchased according to the guidelines of your preferred organization.



UTZ Certified is an internationally recognized certification programme that stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers. 


The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that works to protect ecosystems and to ensure sustainable livelihoods for people and animals.


The Max Havelaar Foundation is committed to changing the current mindset of trade in favour of the producers in developing countries.


SKAL controls the certification of organic products.


TB Brown strives for more Corporate Social Responsibility. In this context, we are constantly working to create more awareness for sustainability both internally and externally, with our clients and relations. This has been translated into a series of so-called 3P objectives: People, Planet & Profit. The international CSR guidelines are the roadmap we use to structurally take our social responsibility. 


For TB Brown, quality does not only pertain to the beans, but to the management of the whole production process. From crop to cup. Quality improvement is a continuous process in which we invest in many ways. Quality is a multifaceted concept that has an economic, social and ecological component in our eyes. Only by achieving a perfect balance between these components can we deliver the quality coffee that our clients know and love.



We achieve social sustainability by educating our employees. We actively invest in the capacities of the people responsible for TB Brown’s growth. Economic sustainability is based on the value created for every stakeholder in the process. Giving smaller coffee growers a better price for their product means that the quality of our coffee increases. Ecological sustainability means treating our environment carefully. Quality labels help growers to employ environmentally friendly growing and processing techniques and to protect local ecosystems.



At TB Brown, quality is translated into an all-round approach to the concept of sustainability. We strive for constant improvement and innovation, whilst simultaneously taking our responsibility for human kind and our environment. We always aim to create a balance between the capabilities of the dynamic laboratory of the modern age and the desire to ensure that future generations have at least the same chances we do.


ISO 2600

ISO 26000 is een internationale statute for implementing CSR into an organization. It offers companies a normative framework to form their own societal responsibilities and gives advice on implementing the CSR. For more information, please visit: http://mvonederland.nl/iso-26000/wat-is-iso-26000